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Travel Guard

Travel Guard Insurance 
Competitive Pricing - Door 2 Door Coverage - Sick/Injury Medical Coverage
First Hand Accounts
1.) 90-year-old Luxury cruiser had a stroke 3 days before her cruise. She had no insurance whatsoever = $22,000 loss.
2.) Person tested positive during COVID and had to stay in Italian Medical Hotel. Client had insurance = $12,000 saved.
3.) Wife got sick day before the cruise. Doctor advised against travel. We had insurance = $6,000 saved.
4.) Elderly (lovely woman) forgot she was taking a cruise when we called 2 days before sailing. No insurance = $4,000 loss.
5.) Client's father travelling with family had back problems and could not walk. No insurance = $3000 loss.
6.) Many many stories about losing money due to no insurance and many more about how insurance saved them out of pocket costs.
For a fraction of the cost, one can save thousands of dollars due to unforeseen life events.
Travel Guard is the only insurance company we trust with our client's vacation.
Prices are great, coverage is amazing and the claims process is fair and timely.

772-340-1600 OR 800-382-0052